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A History of Excellence

Utah Orthodontic Care has been making braces affordable for those in the Salt Lake City area for over 35 years. Our father started it all back in 1976. He saw what a difference a beautiful smile made in patients lives, seeing confidence and assurance grow over the course of treatment. Above all else, he would notice his patients smile more – communicating not only happiness but pride and triumph as well. This impassioned his goal to make high quality braces affordable for everyone who wanted a straighter and more beautiful smile.

Those principles continue to guide our practice today. We are proud to carry on his commitment to high quality affordable orthodontic treatment in each of our nine locations across Utah.


Why Choose Utah Orthodontic Care?

Whether you’re interested in traditional braces or Clear Correct, our practice is proud to offer the highest quality orthodontic treatment in Utah. In addition to using the most advanced technology, UOC provides the most convenient and cost-effective way to a better, more confident smile.

Unparalleled service!

Every time you visit one of our ten office locations, a friendly and knowledgeable member of our professional staff will greet you. We pride ourselves on making your orthodontic experience as comfortable as possible, offering the highest level of service.

Unrivaled Convenience!

At UOC, we understand that your time is important to you. To make your treatment as convenient as possible, we offer ten fully equipped offices for you to visit. If you relocate, or any other circumstances change and make it difficult to go to your regular office, we will work with you to ensure that you can continue treatment at the location nearest you.

Unmatched Affordability!

We stay committed to the idea that everyone in Utah should have access to a beautiful, healthy smile. To support this mission, we promise to keep our prices low and our hidden fees non-existent. With easy monthly payment plans with no interest and no down payment, we work hard to ensure that orthodontic treatment is obtainable for all Utah families.


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If you are looking for unparalleled orthodontic care for yourself or your family, we encourage you to visit Utah Orthodontic Care at one of our nine office locations. Our doctors will work with you to determine the best treatment option for your needs, and continue to provide superior care throughout your treatment. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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