Parts of Braces

Learn About the Different Parts of Braces

Welcome to Utah Orthodontic Care, Salt Lake City’s premier dental office. Our experienced staff works with patients of all ages to ensure you get the best orthodontic care and the most affordable braces in Utah. We understand that braces and their many parts can get a little tricky, and we hope this mini glossary will help you better understand these appliances.


This is the main wire in your braces that is designed to fit on the crowns of two of more teeth, which helps guide tooth movement.


A thin, stainless steel ring, which secures orthodontic attachments to your molars and premolars. Bands are designed to fit around the contours of your teeth and are then cemented into place.


Brackets are bonded to your teeth and hold the archwire in place against each tooth. Brackets are either made of stainless steel or a clear ceramic material.

Elastic Tie

Tiny rubber band that is placed around each bracket to hold the archwire in place. Elastics come in a variety of colors, which makes them so much fun to wear!


Hooks are used to attach elastics or to apply forces to the archwire.


Spacers are small elastics that fit tightly in between certain teeth to move them slightly until bands can be placed on later.

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